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This is a collection of my thoughts. Some of the thoughts that I once had, I no longer do. Some thoughts I have now I have never had. Yet none shal be discounted. This blog is soley for the enjoyment of the author and the readers. On occasion the views expressed are overly exagerated in order to prove a point. Also there may be a dirty word or thought in some of the posts. Grow up and take this for what it's worth - a blog that barely anyone will ever see.



Wow, it's been a while since I've posted. Let's see what happened. On Friday I cooked a great meal for Ashley. She was in a bad mood because of some b.s. that happened at work, so I asked her to leave shortly after she ate her dinner. (yes, there's more to the story. If you haven't gotten it yet, I can let you know.) Anyway, we broke up this weekend. I let her know that I don't put up with drama well.
Don't cry for me, tho. I've got Dusti Lynn tonight. Yes, that's her name. We are going to watch MNF tonight and she's excited about the free chilli. We'll see how this goes. Hopefully as well as last week!


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