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Hu is President Of China?

How did I miss this? What was I doing where this slipped through the cracks. Surely Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert would have mentioned this. Maybe even "The Soup" or "Web Junk 2.0," but no.
On or around April 20th (I can't verify the actual date yet), President Hu spoke with President Bush. Among one of the many things that they talked about at a press confrence on the White House lawn, was - of course - The War In Iraq.
While the english translation of Hu is being played, this lady is shouting out her own protests. (Something China is known for) She also holds up a flag of a group that has been forbidden to protest in China.
The funniest thing to me is the reaction of President Bush. You'll note the hesitation of President Hu before continuing and W saying "You're fine. Go ahead." This woman also reminds me of Cartman. I wonder when she was being carted off if she gave 'em one big "You will respect my authority."
Finally, rumor has it that her first name is "When."
Why the hell do we not have a "Who's On First" written about this yet?! "Who's the president of China?"
"That's what I'm asking you! Oh well, when was he protested?"
"The President of China!"

Ah, classic. Will never get old.
Sorry I'm late on the update. Hope you enjoy. Click on the picture above for the footage.


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