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Ok. So, it’s been a while since I’ve written. Sorry about that. Busy as hell at work and no desire to write when I got home. Where did we leave off? Oh yea, Saturday.
I had to be up really early on Saturday to make it to my friend’s wedding ceremony in DuPage. This is a three hour drive north of my home, so I needed a really early start... like 10am. The ceremony was at 2pm, so I knew that if I left after 11am, I would surely miss it. So, I stumbled out of bed at 9:30 and hit the showers. As soon as I was done, I was still so exhausted from the long night the night before, that I went back to bed for a quick 20 minute nap. I knew that I was risking throwing off my entire schedule, but I needed to do this.
So, I finally hit the road with my bags packed at about 10:30. I always pack for an extra day or two just incase something strange happens. Good thing I did this. More details on that later.
I hit the expected traffic on I-80 on my way up and begin to panic. For some reason I calculated only 20 minutes to be at the church. However, I really had closer to 40. I had to go to the bathroom ever since Kankakee, but knew that would throw off my schedule even more. Needless to say, while at the I-80 stand-still, the empty sports drink bottle on the floor next to me was looking like a good option. But, I made it to the church - full bladder and all.
I breezed passed the collection of friends that I knew standing outside the door to the bathroom. Then was ready with about 5 minutes to spare for the ceremony.
This was wedding number one for the day. Yup. One day - two weddings. Only my friend Christa and I were invited to both. We had worked out a way that we would be able to take part in both weddings without offending either party. She was going to be at the other ceremony (which started at 1:00) and then head over to my ceremony (2:00, remember?) once the first one was over. Well, due to a late start on her ceremony, she missed the entire one that I attended. She got there just as people were being let out for my ceremony. Which, worked out well for me, but not for her.
I hopped in her car and headed off to the other side of DuPage for the reception for her ceremony. (Following all of this so far? Needless to say, this was about a 30 minute phone call to set all of this up!) We stayed through dinner at this reception and then excused ourselves and headed over to the final destination of the evening - the reception for the wedding that I attended. We got there just in time for the main course. However, because I was so full from the hoer derves (sp?) and dinner at the first wedding reception, I wasn’t hungry for another meal right away.
Shortly after I arrived, one of my friends pulled me aside and told me that his sister was in attendance. I didn’t really see why this would concern me, until he let me know that she was very interested in me. He told me that I should at least go talk to her at some point that evening. I figured, why not humor the guy. She had always been my friend’s little sister, so I never thought twice about her.
Before I could make it over to her, she cornered me on the dance floor and said “I’m supposed to talk to you.” “Really,” I asked, pretending to be a little surprised. So, we talked for a few moments and then I told her to put her drink down and we’d dance. Shortly before the song was over, I said “I have a confession to make.” She was first perplexed and then very interested in what I had to say. “I knew that I would be talking to you soon. Your brother let me in on how you feel about me.” Well, she threatened his life and I told her to calm down because I thought it was cute. She then went to yell at him in front of me. I turned to his wife and asked if this was normal. “Oh, yeah,” she said. “They do this all the time. It’s just their way of blowing off steam. It’s really more of a show.” So, I decided to push it even further.
“You knew that she was interested in me and you didn’t give her my number?” “I didn’t have your number!” “Sure you did. You could have given her my cell phone number, my home number, my work number, my fax number, my personal e-mail address, my work e-mail address, my website, my blog, my MySpace account or a whole bunch of other ways to get in contact with me!”
She then looked at him with her eyes wide open and said “YOU KNEW THAT I WAS TRYING TO GET IN CONTACT WITH HIM AND YOU TOLD ME YOU DIDN’T KNOW HOW!”
She then stormed out of the room and I laughed at my friend who vowed to get back at me. I found that she had gone to a bar down the hall to cool down with her friends. In there we found a guy singing Elvis songs poorly on a karaoke machine. So, this girl and I busted out a rendition of her favorite duet song “Picture” by Cheryl Crowe and Kid Rock. (Look up the lyrics and let me know what you think about her selection!)
We then danced on and off throughout the rest of the evening and I got a number.
How about that? I go to a wedding stag and end up with a number. Nice. More details on what happens next, later.
But, the wedding reception ended and I’m in no shape to drive. So, my good friend Billy D (You might have checked out his blog on the right when it was still up and running. I will leave that link up there should he ever decide to enter back into the world of blogging. I really hope he does.) was gracious enough to drive me to the after party.
There many people were playing “The Happening Game.” Most of us met through a group called “The Happening” which was a group that put on retreats for teenagers in the area. So, once it disbanded, what did we do? Developed a drinking game about it.
After about an hour or so, I was driven home by Billy D after what turned out to be a very enjoyable (and productive) evening. Sunday, however, was a pain in the ass.


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