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Gould Finished What I Started!!!

As you already know, the Chicago Bears reigned supreme against the evil Seattle Seahawks last weekend. What you may not know is the story that occurred behind the scenes the night before.
Many of you know that I DJ weddings and awful corporate parties. First, corporate parties USUALLY suck. Most employees are afraid to dance and let loose for fear of what might be said on Monday about their weirdo bump and grind with the unwilling secretary. So, everyone sits quietly and drinks with their co-workers while the boss walks around wondering why no one is dancing to the incredible music that I'm playing. It's a BLAST.
So, I am DJing at a hotel in Chicago on Michigan Ave. I will not let you know the name of the hotel to avoid any lawsuits. I went to the front desk to find out where I would be located and how I can get my equipment into the room. The guy at the desk showed me the elevators and I loaded up the equipment.
I hit the "up button" and awaited the elevator to descend to the first floor. I'm not one of those psychos that keeps on hitting the button with hopes that it comes down quicker. I am confident that my first request for the elevator will be answered. I'm just that sure of my index finger.
So, the elevator finally comes down to me and my equipment and out of the doors comes the coach for the Seattle Seahawks.
How did I know this? He was wearing his official Seattle Seahawks Coach's polo. I have the same one at home that I wear for each Bears game. (It's obviously the same one that Lovie wears, not the Seattle one!) He ignores me and quietly shuffles to the left. I turn to my assistant with my jaw on the floor and ask "Do you know who that was?!"
He was holding some trussing for our lights and looked confused at me and asked "No, who was that?"
"The coach of the Seahawks! THEY ARE HERE TONIGHT!!!"
I then took a look at the lobby before the doors closed. I had ignored the masses who were hanging out on the couches as I was making my way to the elevators. Had I paid attention, I would have thought that I was in the home of Starbucks and grunge bands. Everyone had on Seahawks sweatshirts and hats. I was in pure hell.
We took the elevator up to the room and I made a mad dash to the room manager and asked him if the Seahawks were staying here.
"I can neither confirm nor deny that they are staying on the 11th floor of this hotel." was his response.
My eyes widened and I got a smile on my face as I thought of what a true Bears fan could do with this information. I thought about banging on each door of that floor when I left that night at 12:30. Perhaps I could pull the fire alarm. Maybe I could-
"Just to let you know, hotel security and Seattle's security are closely guarding that floor, sir." Said the room manager as he read my mind.
So, I decided that with my limited battery life on my cell phone that I would call every radio station number in Chicago that I had memorized to let the citizens of Chicago know where they could bring their air horns that evening.
I went downstairs to get the rest of the equipment and passed Sean Alexander sitting in the lobby with his family getting ready to leave for a night out on the town. (When I told my mom this story she asked why I didn't trip him. I reminded her that they might not have let me watch the game in prison the next day if I did such a thing.)
I said nothing to Alexander or any of the other players who were hanging out in the lobby. I figured that I could not, being a Bears fan, have a reasonable conversation with them without calling them out. I feared this might give them some additional fuel for the next day's contest. So, I kept my mouth shut and walked past them without ever paying any attention to them.
I met up with the owner of the company who had booked us for their holiday party shortly after all of this. I asked him if he knew who was staying in that hotel that evening. He let me know that he was fully aware. Some of their execs were from out of town and booked all the suites for the evening last month. When Seattle found out that they were coming to Chicago, they requested that they take the suites from this company. This company, being the good Bears fans they are told the Seahawks to piss off.
They stayed in regular rooms without the perks of the Chicagoans that were squatting in the suites. How awesome!
The boss gave his opening speech and gave out awards to the Employee of the Year and stuff like that. He closed with something about how awful the Seahawks were and the crowd reacted. Apparently many knew that they were sharing a building with the enemy.
As the evening progressed, I figured another way that I could assist Da Bears was with my talents as a DJ. With each passing hour, the music got louder. Until I got to the final song of the evening.
I got on the mic. I delivered what may have been the most important mini-speech of my DJing career.
"We have one last song for you tonight. But, I'm going to need your help. If you are a true Chicagoan, then you are also a Bears fan. If you are proud of your team and more importantly, if you are proud of your city, you will sing along to this song as loudly as possible in order to wake up any opposing team's players that may or may not be staying at this hotel. I encourage you now to sing along with Sweetness and the Funky QB."
With all the power my DJ system could afford without blowing the speakers, I hit play on "The Superbowl Shuffle" and a bunch of drunk blue-collar workers screamed out the lyrics as loud as they can. One hundred people let Seattle know that they weren't there to start no trouble, they were just there to do the Superbowl Shuffle. (Some even did the dance.) It was a magical moment.
While it may have been an overtime win with a field goal kicked by Robbie Gould with the assistance of the hand of God that the nation saw as the deciding factor that won the Bears game. We all know now that it was a poor nights rest due to the pre-celebration of the world's greatest fans of the world's greatest football team - The Chicago Bears!!!

P.S. New Orleans... You're next.


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