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MY Christmas Morning.

I had a hard time getting to sleep last night.
Most nights it would have been REALLY easy to fall asleep after working for 13-14 hours straight, but last night was different.
This morning I woke up shortly before 10. Why? Not sure. But, I couldn't get back to sleep, even though I didn't need to be up for a while.
I realize now that today is like Christmas to me.
I wait for it for so long (how many years has it been) and when it finally arrives, I'm so excited I can't sleep. I can't wait for kick-off. I can't wait for Gould to give us some field goals and Grossman to toss a few long bombs to Moose. Very shortly Jones will be bobbing and weaving through the Saint's defence and Urlacher will be making Breeze wish he hadn't gone to N.O.

I will be doing everything possible to help them win:

I sit on the right side of the couch.
I wear my official 2005-2006 Coach's polo. I have to have this on at least a half hour before gametime.
I also have on my official 2006-2007 sideline Bears hat on.
I don't watch a second of the game on my own TV (last year I bought it for the play offs and we didn't go anywhere after game one.)
And a few other rituals that I can't post here for fear that the enemy is paying attention.

I really hope that they win today. If they don't it will be as if The Grinch has stolen my Christmas and then punched me in the jaw.


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