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Ode To The Sundress

When I was on the radio in Effingham, we had "Poetry Corner." (I know, it seems a bit out of place for a country station in central Illinois, but that is why I did it.) These were not ordinary poems, but instead those that were inspired by myself or the office receptionist, Bobbie. She would write these bizzare poems just for fun and I told her that she should have a segment on the air with them. Eventually it became a contest where listeners would call with a topic and a word unrelated to that topic and she would write a poem that incorporated them both within a song's time. She did quite well.
It was recently while going through some of my stuff that I came across one of my old poems from 2003. I thought I would share it with you. (Don't take it too seriously!)

Ode To The Sun Dress
Oh, sweet sweet sun dress,
How do I love thee.
Long and flowing
From the sholders to the knee.
When the days get long
And the sun gets warm.
By the most beautiful of women,
These dresses are worn.

For dress or pleasure
The sundress fits any occasion.
I am filled with great joy for
This fashion sensation.

A simple piece of fabric
Alows for a great deal of freedom.
What a summer treat it is,
Each and every time I see them.

Sundress you show off
The best aspects of a girl.
To watch them walk down the street
Or playfully twirl.

The sundress is convienent.
The sundress is cute.
The only thing better,
Would be a woman who is mute.

Oh, sweet sweet sundress,
How do I love thee.
Long and flowing
From the sholders to the knee.


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