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One City. One Team.

I'm driving to the college today and I see a sign for Da Bears. They have THE BEST ad campaign going on right now. It fits so perfectly with the way the city is right now. It seems that the city is divided more than ever with Cubs vs. Sox fans. Why? Both teams have room to brag. Both are doing incredible. (Shut outs and home runs are now common place. It almost feels as if Da Bulls were on their winning streak again. "We won again? That's nice.")
Da Bears have put together an ad campaign called "One City. One Team." that is remarkable. All are very simple and all use real fans with the players. They capture the emotion of the game in a few words. They are not cocky, they are confident. They aren't cute, they are cleaver. It is a great mix of all that this city is getting excited for - Bears Season. It is just around the corner and to have the daily reminder like the one below is such a GREAT feeling! Click on the ad below for all of the billboards.
I quote my friend Luke when I say "Now if only they would put as much effort into improving the team as they have their advertising, then we would be somewhere."


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