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Football Is In The Air - ALREADY!!!

Not many students are registering today. Actually, I've been here since 9am and haven't seen one. It would be a waste of my time if I weren't getting paid to do it... and I didn't bring my Fantasy Football book.
I'm going through it learning of the trades that occurred since the Super Bowl, the analysis of each team, of each position, of each player. Who's good? Who's faltering? Who is getting way more hype than they deserve? Who's injured? Who's running back by committee?
There is so much. So much information and so much potential. Each roster sits empty right now. It is all about how to maneuver my picks amongst those who I've been playing with for 5-6 years now. They know me. I know them. How will I switch up my personality to toss them off? it is like I'm going under cover to loot the entire league out of what they hold dear while they feel they still have gold amongst the scraps that I have left them. Suckers!
Since I'm pretty sure that they have no idea about this blog, I will let you in on my strategy. I'm sure that if you are involved in a league as well, you will find this information extremely valuable. (Much like every other post in this blog!)
First, we work with an auction draft. This is a VERY unique way of drafting. Normally everyone goes in turn and then the order is reversed for the next round and so forth. (This is known as a Snake Draft. This is MUCH more common.) However, in an auction draft, each team is given an imaginary $100. A name is tossed out (Let's say Rex Grossman) and the bidding begins. $1 is offered by one team. $2 by another until we get to $5. Players worth more than Grossman (I know, it is hard to believe that there are players that could fetch more than Grossman!) have been known to fetch as much as $30, $35 or even $40.
Now, keep in mind, you only have $100 to play with. Should you spend $40 on one player, you have only $60 left to draft the rest of your team. We play with 2 QB's, 4 RB's, 4 WR's, 2 TE's and 2 K's.
Now, here is the secret of the auction draft. It is risky, but I worked it well last year. When it is your time to bid, don't bid for who you want, go down the list a little. Pick the guy 8th or 10th on your list. Especially after a few rounds, some teams will have lost track of who is picked and who hasn't been. They will feel that this is one of the better players remaining and will begin a bidding war for someone who may lack the talent of your guy in the 3rd spot on your list who is still available. You got someone to spend WAY too much money on a guy they shouldn't have bid on. It is then that I can sneak in and take the better players for less money. It will be like a buy one, get one free deal.
Some of you may have already seen the inherent flaw in this logic. Should you toss out a player that everyone knows is a bust or if everyone is paying attention and awaiting the player that is in your 3rd spot, then you will be stuck bidding on someone you don't even want. With this risky move you may fill up your roster with 2nd string losers in hopes of playing your fellow opponents well.
Right now, as if I were studying for a final exam, I'm taking the whole book and taking notes. I will then take notes of those notes until it is all on one page. After I put my own thoughts into the mix, I will have my top 30 players for each position. Then I will make a separate list of "Sleepers." These are players who may or may not be a good selection. No one is sure what they will accomplish, but they have potential for greatness. At the very least, they will make decent back-ups for when one of my other players is on a bye week. It is then that I will make one final list. These are the MW's. Or Money Wasters. These are players who are undeserving of the hype that the sports outlets are giving them. They also hold the same rank as players who were once good, but are on the down-side of the hill. (That final group is golden. Many other teams hold a ridiculous emotional attachment to these guys because two years ago they helped them get to the fake Super Bowl that we have.)
With this risky game-plan for the draft, I was able to make it to the fake Super Bowl (I know that if I didn't put "fake" there, you would have thought I was Eli Manning) last year and hope to start a dynasty with a repeat this year. I will keep you updated. I'm sure that you are on the edge of your seat.


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