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The Trade Winds Are A Blowin'!

What a great day for Chicago Sports!
First, on the last day of trading for MLB, YOUR CHICAGO WHITE SOX have picked up Ken Griffey Jr.!
Hell yes! Granted, we got rid of a decent pitcher, but to get Mr. Jr. is a fair trade. It is just unfortunate that we couldn't trade Boone Logan or Jose C. They aggravate me so!
The only thing about this that I don't like is what will happen at first base. Jr. will go to the outfield pushing Swisher to first. Swisher does a great job no matter where they put him on defence. Plus being a switch hitter and showing he can produce makes him equally valuable on offence. Don't get me wrong, I dig Swish, but what will happen to Paulie?
I enjoy watching Paulie trot. However, even after he took a few weeks and the All-Star break off to heal, his numbers are right around .190 in his few weeks back. This will cause him to have limited playing time. A knee-jerk reaction from the suits seems to be at the helm of all of this.
Why not put Swish at second and get rid of Uribe. He isn't deserving to be on Da Sox for offence OR defence! I want to still be able to use my home-made "Trot, Paulie, Trot!" sign in the few games that I will visit before we go to the post season.
PLUS, Bret Favre has chartered a plane to Green Bay. They offered him $20 mil to stay retired for ten years and he hops on a plane to tell them no. I really don't care much about that. However, the speculation is that the Packers will re-instate him and then trade him before the season starts. Their top two picks? The Vikings or DA BEARS!
Now, I have always respected the athletic abilities and love of the game that Favre has always exhibited. This wasn't difficult to do despite my dislike for The Packers. He is arguably one of the best, if not THE best quarterback to ever take the field. His work ethic and stats are both equally incredible.
I would love for him to join Chicago! Our two Packer wins a year will have that much more emotion behind them! (Can you imagine what it would be like to have a quarterback on Da Bears? We haven't seen that since Carter was in office. No offence to the honorable McMahon.)
A lot will go down today in the remarkable world of Chicago sports. I will be on the edge of my seat watching the scroll on the bottom of the ESPN screens at work to figure out what is going on.
I wonder if Jr. will be singing along to "Thunderstruck" with me when I go on August 10th?!


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