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A New Course For My Life

I'm not sure if I mentioned this or not, but I will give you the back story, just incase. I went to my boss at the college I teach at and asked him if we had any classes that dealt with Radio Station Management. He thought for a moment and told me that we didn't. I informed him on how important that would be to the radio program. He agreed and told me to write up the 16 week course over the weekend so it can go through the approval process for fall.
He gave me a "Intro To Radio Formats" class outline and told me to include that. I merged the two courses and added a little history and lessons on the different aspects of the radio industry such as promotions, sales and on-air work and turned the class into "Intro To Radio." I submitted it for approval at the end of April and hadn't heard anything else about it.
I contacted the school last week and asked them what was going on. Classes start up at the end of next month and I still hadn't heard the results of the board's "approval" of my new class. My Boss's assistant/co-worker told me that it was about a 99% chance of going through. What she also let me know was that she submitted the original outline and had never seen my version. I let her know that I made "some adjustments" to the original course and hope that this would not be an issue. She informed me that it wouldn't be.
I then asked how to get the book for the class and evaluate them. She told me that she already had one selected that I will get a copy of a week before class that I can go over. This will be the backbone of my class.
Needless to say, I'm a little concerned and stressed about this upcoming course. And this is in addition to my previous class, which I plan on re-writing due to the experiences of teaching it once before. Just moving things around, adjusting the point scale and other stuff, but it is more work in addition to writing and re-writing this new course.
PLUS this is in addition to teaching a weekend course for high school students on Saturdays. This will mainly be an on-air course, but will have other elements included such as sales. They will run the college radio station like a real radio station with producers, news reporters, sales people and, of course, on-air talent. I will be doing this with one other instructor, so at least it isn't all on me. I will be VERY busy in the upcoming month putting all this together. I just need to put aside the right amount of time to get everything in line before I start up with the courses. But, it is due to these two new courses and getting paid 3 times what I was expecting to that affording all of my new stuff will become more reasonable.
Plus I have just applied to be a Marketing Director at one of the museums in Chicago. I also showed my interest in assisting with their field trips and displays. I would love for that to come through, because I would end up working very close to where I teach and it would be more money and more benefits than what I'm doing right now. If that happens, I may even be able to quit one of my other two jobs. But, I'm not turning in my two weeks just yet at either.
Wish me luck with all this new stuff. I just can't wait until all the dust settles and everything becomes more founded. But, it will be an interesting and stressful time until then. (Anyone want to write a college course for the low cost of two-three beers?)


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