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Well, I'm sitting here at the college I teach at registering students. It is a process that the college has made MUCH more difficult than it needs to be. Hell, it can ALL be done online, yet students are still coming in here to sign up for classes.
What is aggravating me right now is that my new courses are not full yet. My original course filled up with just online students. That is great. It shows that it will be a class of non-slackers. However, the remaining class that I'm going to teach (Intro to Radio) only has one student as we speak. Without ten students it will not be taught. Thus, it will be cancelled and I will be out the money for that one.
Because my first class was filled before registration, a last minute push (at my recommendation) went through to put a second class on the schedule. This one is filling up slowly, but surely. However, just as with the Intro to Radio class, without ten students it will be cancelled.
So, I'm pushing the hell out of these classes to get them filled. A friend of mine asked if this was ethical. I'm assuming it is. They are required classes for department I'm in. Why not push them? Granted, there are personal reasons behind it, but I'm not giving them something they don't want and/or need.
What isn't helping is that the lady next to me is recomending they take another Math course instead of focusing on our department, like she should be! What the crap?!
The Visual Arts department is next to me and this guy loves to talk about himself and his knowledge of the field. Good. Great. No one cares. People want to get registered and then get lunch. They don't care about the Chinese influence on the medium over the next five years.
On a HUGE side-note, my Internet connection is touch-and-go. But, expect much more posts over the next week.
I will tell you of The White Sox game, my birthday, my cousin's wedding, Free Credit Report, ducks, a wack-job at one of my weddings and other stuff. So, stay tuned. It will all be up by Friday... hopefully.


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