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Week X

Da Bears won last week barely. It should have been a blow-out, yet it was an uphill battle. Plus it was very painful to see Orton leave the game in a play that didn't matter just seconds before he could be relaxing in the locker room. While we were losing under his leadership during the first half, many (including myself) feared Sexy Rexy would help completely flush the remainder of the game down the toilet. And he tried. Throwing into heavy coverage, overthrowing receivers and just basically making poor decisions were commonplace. This week expect more of the same as Grossman takes the field once again against the BEST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE! Needless to say, it was hard to make that pick this week. But, I stand by my final decision.

DEN over CLE (This one may be a close one.)
ATL over NO
CHI over TEN (I have to. This upset is a painful one chosen by hope, not logic.)
JAX over DET
HOU over BAL
MIA over SEA
GB over MIN (Although, this should be a good game.)
BUF over NE (Upset due to my unreasonable faith in BUFF and dislike NE with great passion.)
NYJ over STL (Despite the slight confidence that STL has developed as of late.)
CAR over OAK (This is the BIGGEST no-brainer of the week.)
IND over PIT (I still back Peyton.)
SD over KC
PHI over NYG (Upset again.)
AZ over SF (In the "Who Cares" Bowl on MNF.)

Enjoy your football this week.
Go Bears.

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