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Tiger Buys Food Too!

I'm at Jewel Food Store last night buying some essentials.  I got some spaghetti and sauce.  Some milk, eggs, cereal and English muffins.  You know, the essentials.  Nothing big.  I was out of there with less than $30 worth of stuff.
However, as I leave there is a small Asian man at the door with his cart right up against the entrance to the exit.  (You know, where they have the guide rails in betwee
n the entrance doors and the exit doors?)  
His cart was there and he was a few steps behind it facing the window that looked out onto the parking lot.  Was he checking his receipt for accuracy?  Was he awaiting a ride?  Making sure that it wasn't raining before getting out of the store?
Nope.  He was practicing his golf swing... without a club.
I decided within a nano-second of evaluating the situation I was n
ot going to confront this guy and just nudge his cart out of the way and keep on going.  However, when he saw me coming, he quickly dropped his imaginary club and shuffled out the door in front of me.
As the automatic door swung open for him, he cried out "Million dollar golfer!"  

Why me?  Why always me?


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