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NFL Picks

I was out of town last weekend. (Details on that later! My return to Effingham was quite eventful.) However, I was unable to make the NFL Picks that all of my readers (both of you) enjoy making fun of each week. Let's just consider that I got 'em all right.
I have very little time before the noon kick-offs, so let's get right down to it!

CHI over DET (By A LOT. At least a hundred points or more.)
TEN over BAL
CAR over KC
GB over ATL (As much as it pains me to say)
IND over HOU (Amazingly, this is considered an upset!)
NYG over SEA (SEA always has difficulty on the East coast, but they have added to their offence this week. I'm torn here!)
PHI over WAS (Washington is pretty banged up. Expect McNabb to take 'em down.)
SD over MIA
TB over DEN (This will be a great game. Perhaps the game of the week. Both are great teams who aren't getting very much press, but the tide seems to be turning on that aspect.)
BUFF over AZ (This is ANOTHER upset! What is going on with the league?!)
DAL over CIN (Duh!)
NE over SF
MIN over NO (Again, see above.)

Enjoy your football. And your White Sox! Perhaps ONE team will avoid being swept in the post season!


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