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Week 2 NFL Picks

Greetings once again football fans. If you used my predictions from last week, you probably would have won some money in Vegas. (Even though this blog does not support illegal gambling at all. Not even a friendly game of Rock, Paper Scissors. Too many hurt feelings. Too many.)

I will have to get a tally going of what I got right and what I got wrong. More on that later when I'm not so busy.

Here's this week's picks:

CHI over CAR (Of course. Watch Forte light it up again. He will be the Panther's focus, so it will be a true test of his abilities.)
NO over WASH
IND over MIN (However, with Peyton's boys faltering and MIN doing much better, this may prove to be a good game. However, no one will count the Colts out if it until they start loosing like the Dolphins of a few years ago.)
NYG over STL
KC over OAK
BUF over JAX (One of the most boring games of the week. Although, now that I go on a limb and say that, this game will probably go into quadruple overtime.)
CIN over TEN (Upset? Perhaps. Another "who cares" game. But, again, expect multiple overtimes because I said that. I will change my name to "Ocho Nueve" if I'm wrong.)
GB over DET (As much as it pains me to write.)
ATL over TB
SF over SEA (Upset. Not sure why I chose this one, but it feels this way.)
SD over DEN
NE over NYJ (Favre will get a taste of what it is in this division as he plays the Patriots. Even without the greater pansy of the two QB's, Tom Brady, in the game, NE still remains a relatively formidable opponent. The NYBretts will get their first loss of the season today.)
MIA over AZ (Another upset. Shut up, Warner. Or should I tell that to your puppet-master wife? I would say Ricky will lite it up in this game, but that would just be wrong.)
PIT over CLE
DAL over PHI (What a great Monday night game. They are on their way to a good line up of teams. It is usually mid season that they start putting BUF vs TEN on Mondays and other mistakes that no one will watch.)

Enjoy your football.
Go Bears.

More on my weekend soon!


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