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Orton = Tylonol PM

Think back to where we were last year. We were busy wringing our hands over Grossman. We saw interception after interception. Bad choices. Throwing the ball away when frightened. Heck, even dropping the ball after the snap to give it up. Rex is REALLY inventive at giving the ball away. (I wonder what his completion percentage or QB rating was with opposing teams.)
Now we have Orton. Who would have thought that this guy would give us sleep-filled nights. Enough from everyone saying "Is he a Super Bowl QB?" He's a Sunday QB. Each Sunday he goes out and quietly does what is necessary. Soon he will be a Play Off QB. Finally, he will be a Super Bowl QB. He is progressive and I feel that we will enjoy the progression.
We just need to finish more games. Playing 45 min out of 60 is no way to win a game. Those precious 15 minutes while we catch our breath, everyone else catches our points. Step it up against MIN for the 95th time today! They may have stepped up their defence, but that doesn't mean that WE can't still pop 'em! Jam the middle, shut down Peterson and force What's His Name to throw to Who Is That Again.
This week is the easiest week to pick for. I HAD to choose some upsets to make it interesting. The NFL is fairly evenly matched (Many teams at .500) yet, this is the most lopsided match-ups that I have ever seen. And now, only because I said that, expect more than two upsets.

BAL over MIA
TEN over KC
CHI over MIN (Of course.)
PIT over CIN
CAR over NO
DAL over STL (Even without Jessica's boyfriend)
BUF over SD
HOU over DET (The crap bowl comes early this year. Just kidding, Hou, you have finally showed up to play this year. Go thank Andre' Johnson!)
IND over GB (Here is an upset. Can you believe it? Watch the tape from last week, My Favorite Marvin is back.)
WAS over CLE
NYJ over OAK
TB over SEA
DEN over NE (My only other upset of the week)

Enjoy your football. GO BEARS!!!


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