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Week Number Nine

Halloween is over. The air is colder this week. The Bears are back on the field. All is right with the world once again.
All we need to do is get this damn election over with. I venture to guess that majority of people will share this sentiment. I think I'm going to be voting for Matt Forte'.
Here is who is going to win this week:

CHI over DET (Expect a blow-out. At least 4-digits for Da Bears.)
JAX over CIN
CLE over BAL
TB over KC
TEX over MIN (This may actually be a good game. TEX has learned to play this year.)
STL over AZ
TEN over GB (GO TEN!!!)
DEN over MIA (This will be my first upset of the week. DEN isn't getting the credit they deserve.)
NYG over DAL
ATL over OAK (My second upset. It is hard NOT to bet against OAK. Watch Matt Ryan light things up today. He's an under-rated QB.)
PHI over SEA
IND over NE (Peyton may actually win against the Patriots!)
WAS over PIT (Finally, a good Monday Night game!)

Enjoy football this week. Go Bears!

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