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Christmas Specials

I still enjoy watching all the Christmas specials that play each year. It brings me back to a time when my sister and I would watch Frosty, Rudolph and the rest with our folks and some popcorn.
This year, I really noticed how messed up Rudolph really is! That "Holiday Special" is dangerous! It teaches kids that if you notice someone different than you, ridicule them. This builds character. Then Rudolph runs away from home to solve his problems. He teams up with a gay elf and a prospector. This seems safe! THEN he runs away AGAIN! The gay elf stops the evil monster that has been following them by taking out all of his teeth... Yeah. When Rudolph's girlfriend and mother say they want to go searching for him, Rudy's father tells them "No. This is man's work." It wasn't until Rudolph returned and his abnormality was found to be a benefit in the harsh snow that he was permitted to join in with the rest of the group. Had this not happened, surely a reindeer eating disorder would have occurred.
I missed Frosty and accidentally taped the Jim Carey version of The Grinch, so I missed out on those. But, I bet I would have been just as disappointed.
What was on just last night that I am glad that I got to see was A Charlie Brown Christmas. Now, disregard the last half hour of this hour-long Christmas special. The last half hour is all the characters asking for stuff on their Christmas lists, which completely ruins the message of the first half hour. This looked like it was done in the mid-90s. Although, I'm assuming it was after so that Charles Schultz could spin in his grave over this crap.
Today's youth should turn off the TV at the 30 minute mark of this program. It is here that Linus explains the true meaning of Christmas. This moment was asked to be taken out by CBS and Schultz refused. Thank God he did. It is this little speech that makes it, by far, the best Christmas Special ever.

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