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Week 12

I know that the Thursday game has already been played. And I know that the Steelers have already won. However, I picked them before the game started. Trust me, that due to my above average record, it should be known that I am aware that The Bengals suck this year. Perhaps Ocho Sinco should change his name back to Johnson.

Here is the rest of the league:

BAL over PHI
TEN over NYJ (Although, if any team were to beat them, the Jets would be them. I hope they do! The Titans need a reality check!)
TB over DET (Detroit has NO CHANCE!!!)
MIN over JAX (Even though I hope the Jags win to give Da Bears a better record in the NFC North!)
BUF over KC
CHI over STL (FINALLY an easy win for us... I hope!!!)
MIA over NE (Who would have said this before the season started?!)
DAL over SF (Despite the fact that I want Singletary to have his second win of the season!)
HOU over CLE
DEN over OAK
ATL over CAR (Close game here! AZ is playing for more than CAR is.)
NYG over AZ
WAS over SEA
IND over SD
NO over GB (Hopefully. Assume this is my only upset of the week with GB doing as well as they have been this week.)

Enjoy your football this week.
Go Bears. (We need it!)

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