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Here is who is going to the Superbowl:

The Steelers
The Cardinals.

Those are my choices.

The Ravens' defence isn't as scary as they pretend that they are. Watch for the first interception from their rookie QB. The Steelers have their number. This despite many people saying "It's hard to beat a team three times in one season." No, it's not. You have the ability to see what worked and how to not only copy that, but build upon that. Ray Lewis is a blow-hard and will be silenced today.
The more controversial choice - Arizona. Yes. Here's why: The Eagles love to blitz. They are very scary when blitzing and usually create great results. However, that will not be a good game-plan against the Cardinals. Warner is great in dealing with the blitz. While his O-Line isn't perfect, it is better than most. Plus, they anticipate the blitz well and usually give Warner several options to get the ball out. Expect some big plays early. As long as AZ can gain the momentum and the lead early, it will become an uphill battle for The Eagles.
This was a hard decision. If PHI realizes this, then they could shut down AZ. AZ will have to go to their running game if PHI covers the field well. AZ isn't that great at the run-game and this could go the way of The Eagles. However, with the inflated egos of The Eagles' defence, I see them starting out by blitzing heavy and then having to re-adjust.

My post-season record has been a little less than desired. I haven't run the numbers, but I bet that I'm somewhere around .500 for the post season. So, expect the Superbowl to host The Eagles vs. The Ravens.

Enjoy your football!

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  • At 9:10 PM, Blogger Looney73 said…

    There is 2:30 left in the Steelers game and it appears your predictions are going to come true! I was rooting for the Eagles as I have a lot of respect for McNabb, but since the Cardinals are only second behind the Cubs for the most years without a championship (61 years, vs the Cubs 100 years), I will will be rooting for the Cards in two weeks.


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