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Erin - Come Back!

Whatever happened to Erin Gray? She played "Kate" on Silver Spoons (Who didn't want that train in their house?!) and also was Wilma Deering on some AWFUL 70's TV show called "Buck Rodgers."
Since then she has gone down the standard path of pathetic cable TV movies. (Probably that insulting Lifetime crap that Joanna Kerns does) One of her most recent "Loaded" had a comment with the phraze "'s poorly acted, stereotypical, and ultimately terribly boring."
Erin! You're better than this! We all know it.

All I'm saying is, Erin, come back. We miss you.

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  • At 9:20 AM, Anonymous Chadley said…

    Don't you mean "who didn't want to run a train on Kate on Silver Spoons?"

    There were all kind of fine ass honies back then. Heather Locklear was a fox on T.J. Hooker and what about Heather Thomas on the Fall Guy...yum!


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