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Let's Go Go Go White Sox!!!

This year was a great year for the Chicago White Sox. No, they didn't win the World Series. They barely limped into the play-offs. But, I got to watch their progress. I caught nearly every game this season. Some on television, but the best were in person. I have lost count of how many times that I had the opportunity to go to the ball park. However, the most memorable was the rained-out game that I went to! Click here for that full story.
On that day, we got a tour of the park that included a trip to the field. While we didn't get to go on the grass, we did get to go in the dug out. How very awesome! They also showed us the view that the rich people get of the game from the seats that we would never be able to afford.
Here are some photos of us hanging out at that game: (I'm in the white 2005 World Series Champions Chicago White Sox hat.)

I should have brought some sunflower seeds!

This is the view the White Sox see right before entering the field.

Got to stand on the warning track. How VERY awesome!

We also went for my birthday (it just so happened that the game that we went to was one week prior to it so that we could take advantage of Nick Swisher Bobble Head Day)

Me and some co-workers enjoy the tailgating before the game.

We even went for no apparent reason other than it was time to catch a game. And it was time for Marcus and I to start a tradition - a 40 before the game for good luck:

If we get our 40's before the game, Da Sox will win that day. This season we may try doing it at home for added luck for Da Sox.

That sign never gets old.

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