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Post Season

Both the Giants and Colts are in the post season. Many, including myself, would like to see if they end up playing each other in the Super Bowl. This would pit brothers Peyton and Eli Manning against each other. Finally we will see who Archie likes better. (Chad from Effingham reminded me that it was Matt from AZ.) Both Matt and Peyton play today. (Well, Matt is in more of a Grossman position with his I-Pod on the side-lines, but he will be there.)
Here are the post season picks. (Not that the post season matters this year!)

ATL over AZ (I like Matt Ryan and Turner here.)
IND over SD (For some reason this is an upset. Yes, IND hasn't been playing as they have in past seasons, but in the post season they are a different team.)
BAL over MIA (What is MIA doing here?!)
PHI over MIN (MIN shouldn't be in the post season either.)

Without the Bears, it is pointless. But, should you watch the post season, this is how it's going to shape up.

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