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Last NFL Week

It has been a fun ride through the regular season. I feel I did rather well. I'm not sure of my record (If someone with some time on their hands would like to figure it out, it would be much appreciated) but I'm sure that I'm extremely close to perfect. This week, the Giants and Bears must both taste victory in order for Da Bears to make it to the play offs. Should one or both of these things not occur, the evil Minnesota Vikings will advance to the post season and Da Bears go home to Burr Ridge. This unique situation will lift our "I Hate NY" status for a three hour period on Sunday. Be advised.

Here's what's going to happen in the last week:

ATL over STL
BAL over JAX
NE over BUF
CIN over KC (Upset? Really?)
GB over DET (Why not make it a new record!)
TEN over IND
NYG over MN (MAKE IT HAPPEN! Become Archie's favorite for once, Eli!!!)
CAR over NO
MIA over NYJ (Seek revenge, Chaddy!)
DAL over PHI
PIT over CLE
TB over OAK
AZ over SEA
WAS over SF
DEN over SD (Final upset of the regular season.)

I must say that these predictions are based on full team performance. Should a team that has clinched put in their scrubs after the first series, I can't be held responsible for the outcome of the game. (That should cover my ass.)

Enjoy football. I'll see you in the post-season.

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