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V-Day = L-A-M-E!

Valentine's Day is for losers. It is L-A-M-E! Don't agree with me? Check out what Marc Rudov has to say:

See? It is all about the woman! Guys, think of the last great Valentine's Day gift you got her. Now try to match that greatness with anything that she got you. Any comparison? I didn't think so.
Not that it is about gifts. It is a forced holiday. Romance should be spontaneous. It shouldn't be a specific day of the year. Yet, we feel compelled to exchange gifts with our loved ones on this day because we are told to.
What a crock.
April 15th is tax day. We are forced to pay from the government. February 14th is Valentine's Day. We are forced to pay by Halmark. It is ridiculous!
If you want to take your lady out to a very romantic dinner but don't want to break the bank, I have a solution for you:

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