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Craig's List

I have recently been on Craig's List more than I want to be.
I'm trying to sell my 1993 Chrysler Le Baron to no avail. The landlord wants the space for new tenants and I need to sell it before it gets towed. (If you or someone you know wants it, let me know ASAP!)
While I was on Craig's List I decided to sell some other stuff that I have around here. I have a satellite radio, an HD radio and vacuum. While I was posting all of these, I also noticed that they had a "Free" section of Craig's List.
This is for people that just want rid of their junk. Usually they post "must come pick" up because they don't want to be bothered one more minute with it.
Most of it is understandable. Furniture that isn't being used anymore, firewood, etc.
But, there is some really bizarre stuff that I have found. So, I decided that I would share it with you.

This is just sad:

Note the location:

Remember the 80's? He recorded them for you:

Brand new? I'm there!

Sound but no picture? Isn't that called a radio?:


Dinner for your infant?

Will trade for gravel or sand:

And my favorite:

Let me know what you find!

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