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Text Messaging

I just found the funniest site ever! A friend of mine, Amy, mentioned it in her facebook status and I had to check it out.
It is a collection of drunk texts.
That's it.
Hysterical and simple. What a great combination. You can submit your own and comment on other people's. The only identifying aspect to the texts is the area code that they came from. Some are funny, others just drunk texting. Here are some of my favorites so far:

(719): wanna go halves on a baby?

(312): I would have done the walk of shame but I couldnt walk

(803): I just saw the girl you left with - Chris Hansen's looking for you

(312): awww and there was just a proposal on stage with the pussycat dolls !!!!!
(708): Did someone propose they get off the stage?

(512): I'm drunk in f*****g wisconsin and want to kill myself.
(519): If it's any consolation, be grateful that you're not in New Jersey.

And my all time favorite:

(214): dude. I'm so drunk.
(972): pete, this is bryce's mom
(214): I can't wait to have my ______ in your ___
(972): pete, this is still bryce's mom

(I had to edit that last one. Contact me for the missing words. Both words are animals. Let's just say that it would work for Bryce or his mom.)

Do you have a funny text? Post it as a comment. Check out the website by clicking here.

Oh, one of my favorites that I have received actually comes from Chrissy's ex-boyfriend Mike when discussing her father on the CBS morning show. He wrote:

(630): I think her dad is border line retarded

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