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Sunday Night

So, you recall me mentioning that I was going to be meeting up with 4 girls on Thursday night. Well, I'll meet up with two this weekend, but I met up with one of them on Sunday. (the fourth... well she kind of got lost in the shuffle. Maybe I'll pick her up on the way back.) You can read my excitement prior to the meeting in a post about football, beer, wings and you... or something like that.
Anyway, I met up with her for the Sox game on Sunday. We went out to a bar in Bolingbrook to watch the game. It was going to be a great date. No awkward silences, because they were filled with the game. When we did talk, we had the lull of baseball to fill.
Sounds great, doesn't it? Of course it wasn't.
All she wanted to talk about was her band and her ex boyfriends. Her band "went on tour" over the summer. No it didn't. She played different bars in the area on the weekends. But, to her that was a "tour." One of the places she headlined at is pictured. Then I heard all about Tim and Terry and who knows. I tuned her out.
I wasn't about to start caring about her ex's. Why the hell she brought 'em up, I don't know. What I do know is that I'm not about to get involved with someone who is still hung up on her past. Get over 'em AND THEN go on a date.
And it wasn't as if this happened recently, this was like a year or two ago. Hey, go back with them or get them out of your life. Deal. Move on. That's life.
But, I just focused on my game and let her know through my body language that she wasn't scoring any points by boring me. So, she sent me an e-mail the next day telling me what a great time she had. I have yet to respond. I think I might, but it won't be the response that she wants to hear.
So, it's back to the stand-by's that I had before I met her. Although, I hear that at a party that I'm going to there might be a few more options there. But, I'm not getting my hopes up.



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