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I Forgot One Thing!!!

I forgot to mention one of the most disgusting things that I've seen in a long while. (Yeah, I know, I should remember to include something like that, shouldn't I?!) It happened at the repair shop I took my car to last week. (Scroll down to read that headache) While I was there, I noticed a big box of Krispy Creme Donuts sitting on the counter. Nothing weird about that, right?
Well, I went back to making small talk with the receptionist who was filing away the redneck's F.O.I.D. card applications when one of the mechanics walked in with something to say about a Ford's tires. Well, he was chowin' down on one of the glaze drenched donuts, but his hands were dripping with oil and grease making part of his donut discolored. But, he behaved as if nothing was wrong as he finished it off, THEN LICKED HIS HANDS.
I came close to vomiting. I couldn't believe that there were people like this out there. Who would be comfortable doing something like that? That's the kind of stuff people walk away from in Fear Factor.
I'll fill you in on my weekend later today, if I have time.


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