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This Weekend's Wedding

Well, this Saturday my friends got married... Finally. They've been engaged since the Reagan administration. The ceremony was nice, and yes, I did laugh during it. Part of the reason was because the best man, Steve, was being an ass up on the alter and because Spero was sitting next to me asleep during the homily. Of course everytime I nudged him awake he claimed he wasn't asleep. "He's talking about love. I've heard it before." From there, Billy D had some beer in his truck and he and I had one in the church parking lot. The rest of the bridal party high-tailed it to our next destination, Doc Ryan's in Elmhurst. (With Tim getting married, do you expect anything less?!)
From there, I checked into my hotel room, put away my stuff and ran to the reception as everyone was being introduced. I missed my cue to walk in the room, so I was a little ticked about that. But, dinner rocked. It provided a solid foundation for the rest of the evening.
The Sox were playing in the first game of the World Series, so many people were checking that out during the reception. There is a bar in the same parking lot as the reception hall, so the dumb people were walking over there to check the score. Other people like me had people on the outside giving me mid and top of the inning updates on the score. And I noticed the staff hanging out in the manager's room, so I caught some of the game there.
But, that wasn't why I was there that night, I was there to hang out with everyone in the other room. And that's what I did. I must have danced to 90% of the songs that evening. Why? Because there was always a drink in my hand. I danced with roughly 18,004 women that evening. Some were single, some had boyfriends, some were married. I didn't care. My legs are still cramped from that.
The night ended for some when the ugly lights came on. But, not for us. We walked over to the bar that was carrying the Sox game earlier. I had two Guinesses there thanks to Jimm-ay. Then somehow ended up in Caresse and Christian's hotel room. Hung out with them for a while before going to the bride and groom's hotel room.
Tim's theory was that he had the rest of his life to spend a night alone with his bride, why not spend as much time as possible with his wedding guests. I thought this was a cool idea. So, we hung out in their hot tub. I got a few videos and pictures of the after party. No, I didn't get Tim with his pants off.
Then somehow I woke up in my own hotel room. How? Don't know. But, I was glad I made it.
And the next day I was fine. Many people thought I was going to be hurting, but my tricks allowed me to come out stellar once again. We dined on a remarkable spread set up by Tim's mom the next morning and then it was off to my date. Tell you about that next time.


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