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Are There Any NORMAL Chicks Out There?!

Wow. What insight I just received! You may remember me talking about Ashley? Turns out that she is absolutely PSYCHO!!! Yup. Psycho in the truest sense of the term. Let me give you the three strikes that she has been given by me in only a week of knowing her. (I have a three strike rule. You wrong me three times, you are out.)
1) We talked a great deal on the first night that we met. For hours we shared who we are (she left out psycho, obviously), who we were and who we hoped to be. We even discussed things like (BOTH of these things, her topics) kids and how we pictured our weddings. (note the plural form of the word "wedding.") She then told her friends the next day that we had already discussed our wedding.
2) She had mentioned that she was going to a bar that I had heard of near St. Louis with some friends. I had heard that they have a camera and a big screen in the bar. The camera focuses on random girls, and they are encouraged to lift their tops. I told her that she wasn't going to be doing any of that. She laughed, punched me in the arm and assured me that wasn't going to happen. She told her friends that I told her that I didn't want her to go.
3) I cooked her a nice meal on the Friday that we shared together. I told her that we were going to enjoy a nice dinner. She bought a nice top for the event. She was in a bad mood that evening. She told me that it was because stuff went down at work. She told her friends that she was upset that she bought a nice top and didn't get to go out with it.
Those are only the big 3. There was other stuff too. Only a week with this girl and a bunch of craziness comes to head. I sent her a text message today letting her know to never see or talk to me ever again and that I hope she finds what she's looking for in life, because it won't be with me.
Is there ANY normal chicks out there? Someone without baggage? Someone that deals with life and actually has goals for the future? Someone that is WORKING TOWARDS those goals? Someone that doesn't need a man in their life to make it complete, but enjoys the company of a good guy? Someone that doesn't jump from relationship to relationship because daddy never showed them enough love?
Geez. Maybe all women are messed up in the head and there's nothing that can be done for them. Maybe I should just become a priest.


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