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This Extended Weekend

I realized that I haven't posted on here much recently, so I thought I'd fill ya all in on my exciting life. On Wed I was going to leave for Chicago for the 4 day weekend, but was too tired after work and didn't want to risk driving. So I just hung out at home that evening.
Started off for Chicago at about 11ish, giving me plenty of time to make it to Thanksgiving dinner. I was about 2/3rds of the way up when my rear driver's side tire exploded. It was 20 degrees out with winds of 45 mph. After a bit more than a half hour, I got the spare on. The hardest part was when the lug nuts were sticking to my fingers. Not a good feeling pealing those fellas off.
Finally made it up there. Dinner with Dad's side of the family.
Friday work expected me to come back for my shift. I told them that there was no chance of me driving 3 hours south for a 4 hour on-air shift then another 3 hours back up north to finish out the weekend. So, they got a sub for me. It would be different if I had family down here like everyone else, but that wasn't going to happen for me.
The rest of the weekend was somewhat relaxing. The only other thing that I did was go to my sister's performance in "The Nutcracker." It is become somewhat of a tradition to go see her the weekend after Thanksgiving each year. She, as always, did a remarkable job.
Hung out at my friend Tim's place with a few friends on Saturday night. Got home around 4ish. Watched The Bears win yesterday. (7 in a row) Then I got new tires put on my car. Then I was off to Effingham.
Although I had a traveling companion this time... somewhat. Talked with a friend from a long while ago, Janice, for about 2 hours. Ran my battery dead. (Hi, Janice.)
And now here we are. Just got off the phone with a mutual friend of Ashley's and mine. You can find out what I found out in the post below. Hope your weekend was as relaxing as mine was.


  • At 10:50 AM, Blogger Joelle said…

    Are you still alive?? Haven't seen anything from you in over a week. I hope all is well.


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