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I have just seen the most compelling thing that I have seen in the past few months. Perhaps even a full year.
Dove (as I had mentioned in a previous post) is putting forth a campaign that is unlike anything that I have ever seen before. I think it is just remarkable.
What their campaign stands for is to show the beauty that is "woman." Thus it's name, "Campaign For Real Beauty." In today's society we are surrounded by images of what is considered the epitome of "beauty." From the magazines, TV commercials, movies and billboards - we are constantly being bombarded by this concept that beauty can be measured with a tape and is represented in three numbers. Even as little girls, they are encouraged to play with Barbie dolls who we all know are not proportionate at all.
So, it is no wonder that the women in our country could develop a self-esteem issue. This leads to disgusting things like anorexia and bulemia. The constant pressure to look good at all times whether you are going out to a $500 a plate dinner or to get the mail must be exhausting, and in my opinion, nauseating.
I applaud Dove for showing us that the beauty that we subconsciously accept now is nothing more than camera tricks, computer imaging, air-brushing and a bunch of other falsities. The empowerment that Dove is giving to women through this series of commercials is remarkable. And it is LONG over-due.
I think about all of my female friends. And even all my female co-workers past and present. I think of all of my family members and even those who I would consider a casual aquaitance. I can't think of one that would fall in the category of "Super Model" or even someone who I would expect to see in a cosmetics ad. But, yet, I see them each as beautiful beyond belief. There is always at least one quality that I admire more than the cheekbones of the model on page 62. There is something that is the true essence of beauty in every woman that I know and have known that floors me.
It is a damn shame that these qualities are not recognized enough. I encourage you to do three things in the next week. First, watch the Dove commercials. They can be found on YouTube or on Dove's official website. Then tell your friends and relatives what quality or qualities they hold that you find beautiful. Do this via e-mail, IM, MySpace comments or even better - in person. Finally, buy something of Dove's or send them a letter to let them know that you support this effort that they are putting out there called "Campaign For Real Beauty."
This is some really great stuff. Perhaps it may make a difference. Here is the first video:


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