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The Old Favorites And The New

So, the new TV schedule is out. Some shows will make it and others will be forgotten by the time we unwrap our Christmas gifts. I'm here to tell you what will make it and what won't. Ready?

First off, the return of "Lost" occurred tonight. Damn do I love that show. However, it always prompts the same two questions:

"What is happening?!"
"What the hell just happened?!"

I can't get enough of it and have seen nearly every episode since it started. The same goes for "The Office" on NBC Thursday nights. I just bought the first season on DVD and don't regret the expense at all. What an incredible show. Other than "The Simpsons" and "Seinfeld" (Not particuarlly in that order) I can't think of a better comedy to have ever hit our airwaves in our generation. Ok, I can see the argument for "Cheers" and one or two others, but it doesn't get much better than "The Office." If you haven't seen it yet, rent the previous seasons and join us. (I recommend you do the same with "My Name Is Earl" which is a program that comes close to the brilliance that is "The Office.")

"Boston Legal" is William Shatner's attempt to do something different than sit in a captian's chair. And he does it well. The show also stars James Spader and Candice Bergen. This program has been on ABC's Tuesday nights for at least a year, if not two, by now. While it's ratings are not number one, it is still a program well worth watching. It isn't your standard "Law and Order" type of courtroom drama, but instead a near satire of courtroom dramas. The cases and/or lawyers are usually ridiculous. Shatner plays a hardcore wack-job republican that believes in gun laws and has issues with sexual harassment in the work place. He is far removed from his familiar territory of captain Kirk, yet proving that he is extremely comfortable. There is nothing else on Tuesday nights at 9pm (central - because that is the only time zone that counts) so check it out next week.

I caught the first two episodes of "Studio 60." The premise of the show is that the main characters work on an SNL type of program. It is a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of the creators of this type of program. This is a very unique show. I am not positive if it has the staying power to remain as great as it has been in the first two episodes, but I sincerely hope that it does. The characters offer enough that they should be able to maintain the program as long as they keep up the stamina that they started with.

I am trying to tape "Heroes," however I can't seem to catch it. If anyone has seen this one, let me know. It looks good from the previews, but we all know how misleading those can be.

"Ugly Betty" is a Spanish show adapted to American television by ABC. The executive producer is Selma Hyack (sp?!) who couldn't act her way out of a paper bag. The only funny part of the program is when Betty runs into a glass door. Aside from that, the program is EXTREMELY lacking and has no room to grow. This program will eventually kill itself before the critics have time to rip it apart. It also doesn't help that it is up against "My Name Is Earl" and/or "The Office" on NBC. Both shows are 10 times better than whatever "Betty" is able to produce.
It is a shame that "Betty" got such high ratings in it's first week. Many people wanted to check it out. Hopefully the exec's will see the numbers drop in the second week after people realized how much it sucked.

I just saw "The Nine" on ABC tonight. What an incredible program. It is a show about nine people who are hostages in a bank robbery. They are stuck in the bank for 52 hours and then are finally released. The first episode showed the back story on most of the characters as they entered the bank. It then took a commercial break and came back with them finally exiting the bank. So, the whole show is not about the robbery, but instead about how they deal with the trauma that they experienced. Should this show continue the momentum that it has started in the first episode, it should be a hit.
While you don't need to see the first episode to catch up on this show, some may feel that they have to (kind of like a "24" type program). However, since it deals with how each character copes with the situation that they were all put through, it seems you are able to pick up the story whenever you feel ready to.

Comedy Central has started a new cartoon called "Freak Show." Here several characters from a freak show form a super-hero team ("Freak Squad," I believe) to solve remedial crimes and situations. Stuff that the real super heroes don't have time for. This show was so awful that I didn't even finish watching it. Avoid it at all costs. This may prove difficult for the "South Park" fans who are enjoying the new episodes from their 10th season that air in the same hour. (Yes, "South Park" has been with us for 10 years already!)

30 Rock is a show that is being released by NBC, who also put forth "Studio 60." It is also a show about putting together a sketch show like SNL. I haven't seen this program yet, but I find it very interesting that they are giving us two shows with essentially the same premise. Although, it has Alec Baldwin in it, so it can't be that good.

"The Class" is CBS's attempt at comedy. This program is the text book situational comedy. The watered-down, every 30 seconds punch line type of TV waste-land that we've come to know from shows like "According To Jim." (How that waste of space is still in prime-time, I may never know.) This program is essentially a group of late 20-somethings meeting up after their 20 year elementary school reunion and the interactions that they have with each other after two decades of not talking with each other. After only seeing only half an episode, I feel I can wait another decade for them to come up with something good.

That is what I've seen so far. ("24" doesn't come out until Jan., so I am waiting paitently for Jack to return!) If you have thoughts/opinions, share them with me via comment. I will let you know if you are right or wrong. Also, inform the world with shows that I may have missed. Oh, and you'll notice that there isn't any reality shows listed here, because they all suck.


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