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Money! That's What I Want!

I feel that it is important that I keep you up-to-date on what is going on with me. All the 3.7 readers of this blog are interested in hearing what I'm up to. Ok, well, perhaps one of you have some degree of interest.
Well, starting tomorrow I will begin my job at a local restaurant. It is a national chain store, but I will not reveal what restaurant it is for fear of being sued or something. Should anyone who knows me post the true name of where I'm employed, that post will be deleted. I'm nearly positive that there will be some great stories that come out of the new job that I have.
Already they are telling me that they are a "family" and that they promote a "fun environment" for their staff and their "guests." Guests? You have to be kidding me. Whenever I have a guest at my home, I offer them free drinks and food. I'm assuming that they don't wish for me to extend this same amount of courtesy to the "guests" that they have at their restaurant.
But, the whole "family" thing also gets me. I'm 27 and am not going to do this job one day more than I need to. While I'm holding a grilled chicken breast for a random jack-ass, I will also have my resume on about 10 different job finder websites with hopes of getting a "real job." And by "real job," I mean something that will require me to wear a tie and no longer work for tips and call everyone (including my boss) by their first name "because we are a family."
I was talking with my friend Luke about how businesses try to "encourage their workers." There are so many stupid things that major corporations do to promote better productivity. He and I worked (I for MUCH less than he) at a cellular company's call center. He is still stuck there and hating every day.
I constantly hear about how the most productive call center group will get a pizza party on Friday if they achieve their goals over any other group. Whoop-de-freakin'-do. It is always cold pizza because your break schedule doesn't let you to take a break when the pizzas come in. And the only pizzas left are the ones that no one else wanted. Some experimental freak recommended the Pineapple and Salmon pizza that remains the only one left in the small joke of a break room. You result to your standard cup of tea and pat yourself on the back for a job well done for nothing.
They offer candy bars or a cell phone holder to the customer service rep that makes a difference in their bottom line. Who the crap are they kidding? Who cares? Is there really anyone who is going to push the agenda further for a Snickers bar? I recall walking down the aisles seeing people literally banging their heads on their desks, putting people on hold to let loose a string of curse words that would be long enough for them to hang themselves from and people literally pulling their hair out.
I thank God each day that I'm no longer there. However, being a waiter in a chain restaurant might not be much better. And it definently won't pay as much as I could have made if I was still taking calls.
But, you may have noticed that Google has become a part of my page. They will have a few random searches on the top of my page for you to look at. They try to relate to the topics that I've talked about (Right now they are searches based on the NFL). For every person that clicks on there, I get a few pennies. I'm not too sure how much, but let's give it a shot. Click on the links above this story and all others written after it. Let's see how much I can get just by you clicking on the links above.
You don't have to do much of anything else. I'm not asking for your first born. I'm asking for an extra can of soup at the end of the month. What would be great is to get a check for 30 cents after Google puts a 37 cent stamp (or whatever it is up to now) on the envelope.

So, click away or tip good. I need your money and I'm not afraid to whore myself out to get it!


  • At 11:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hang in there John, im looking forward to your tales of woe.

  • At 3:41 PM, Blogger Looney73 said…

    Even famous stars started off as bellhops, waiters/waitresses, etc. At least you can pay your bills with this job. I may be joining you with a job at a restaurant, at least in a part-time role, if I don't get hired soon. So I feel for you!


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