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It Starts Again!

More than my birthday, more than Christmas day - I look forward to the start of the NFL season. It starts today! Wow. It has been so long. So many months have passed since a real NFL game has been played. Even longer since the play-offs and the regular season.
Just like the beginning of every season - no team can really be pinned down as being better or worse than they were last season. Even if you factor in all the off-season trades and the draft, you can't determine the quality of any given team. You can never factor injuries, roster adjustments or that precious "x-factor" found on any given Sunday.
Tonight's the night were all the off-season speculation is put to the test. The starters are in and playing to keep their position. And now that all of my drafts are complete, I will let you know which players to root for as the season progresses.

First, the pay league:

Trent Green
Jake Plummer
Larry Johnson
Corry Dillion
Fred Taylor
Travis Henry
Chad Johnson
Rod Smith
Eddie Kinneson
Daunte Stalworth
Jeremy Shockey
Tony Gonzalez
J. Willkins

The Free League:
Donnivan McNabb
Drew Bledsoe
Rudi Johnson
Brian Westbrook
Deuce McCallister
Travis Henry
Steve Smith
Terrel Owens
Eddie Kinneson
Mushin Muhammad
Jeremy Shockey
Randy McMichael
Matt Stover
Ryan Longwell

There. Now, commit that to memory so you can always root for me. I will keep you updated on how well I do.
Each week I will also give you my picks for that weekend. These are NOT for betting purposes. They are for entertainment only! If you bet using these and loose, it isn't my problem. If you win, I expect a cut.

Tonight's Game:
Miami over Pits.

ATL will loose to CAR
TB will beat up on BAL
NE over BUF
KC barely over CIN (this is a close one)
DEN will take STL
NO over CLE (But, again - a close one)
The NYJ will loose to TEN
HOU will fall to PHI
SEA will beat DET

CHI over GB (obviously!!!)
DAL over JAC
AZ over SF

Sunday Night:
IND over NYG

Monday Night:
WAS over MIN
SD over OAK

And there you have it. Enjoy the first week of the NFL, friends. I know that I will! Especially if I win in both leagues!


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    Go Blazers!


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