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The Week In Review

It has been a while since I gave you an update. I appreciate the e-mails asking for me to write a new post. I will get to the continuation of Rick's yacht in a day or two. We will focus on something more important today – me.
Ha, it's great to have your own blog where you're always right.
A week ago I had my official “F Effingham Party.” It was quite the wild time. There we grilled pork products (because it's Effing-HAM) and drank. I was impressed by the amount of people that were there. There was somewhere between 40 and 50 people there. Nearly everyone who was asked to be there was. It was quite humbling, actually.
The only problem is I can only remember about half the evening. I have never been that bad before. So, I have decided that will be the last time that will happen.
Isn't it strange that in those circumstances, no problem. However if someone were hit on the head in such a way that they forget a portion of the day, they would be run immediately to the hospital? However, with too many beers, we just shrug it off and move on with life.
Oh well. Thanks to everyone who made it out. If you didn't make it out, you can make it up to me later.
Sunday I saw that new Robin Williams movie with my friends Tim & Sara(h). I don't remember how I was talked out of Talladega (sp?) Nights, but we saw “The Night Listener” instead. Tim summed it up best by saying “I can't think of a movie that I disliked more than that one.” I have to agree. It was Disney on Ice mixed with “Reno 911” wrapped in Steve Guttenberg's last 3 movies. (That includes home movies, by the way.)
The rest of the week was spent looking for jobs on the Internet. Each day I would search and a few other websites for job listings in the area. The only call-backs I get are from marketing agencies that want me to sell newspaper ads to major corporations like The Hilton, Porsche and The Ionic Breeze. I don't want to do that. That isn't something that really fits me. But, it's coming to the point where I might have to pretend like it's something I want to do until something better comes along.
I have decided that what I'm going to do is this:

Get a crap job like being a waiter. Something to bring in extra cash.
Hit the radio industry heavy once I have the funds to make the demos.
Apply at the Improv Olympics in the city and take a class a week.
Look for a more permanent job with benefits.
Be a millionaire.

I think it will work out perfectly. The time line is about 3-5 weeks.
Monday I caught the season finallie of Hell's Kitchen. Yes, I know, it doesn't seem like a show I'd get into, but it caught me this season. I don't even know how I got into it, but Heather won, and I was pretty happy about that.
Tuesday my friend Andy stopped by and told us of his adventures in Canada. I wish I could have gone with. It sounded like a fun time.
Wednesday Rick told me that a friend of ours was going to be at his Wednesday bar with one of her attractive single friends. I decided to go to meet her. Well, both of them, of course. Instead, her friend was attractive, but living with her steady boyfriend. So, when I was considering the evening to be pretty much a wash, I ran into someone I never expected to run into. The younger sister of my high school friend. Last time I saw her, she was 8 or something. Now she's 22. I guess I knew that she'd grow up, but never realized it. So, that let me connect with my old friend and I should be meeting up with him sometime soon.
I applied at an airlines recently. I thought about being a flight attendant. (No, I'm not gay.) Figured, why not get paid to fly around the world and meet interesting folks, or at least go to Kansas or something for a day. Plus, my co-workers are known for being very attractive ladies. Got an interview with them on Sept. 6th. I would much rather be a bar tender at the Bears bar across the street. It seems easier and is obviously closer, but I will take nearly whatever I can get at this point.
Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 27. It is a generic birthday. Doesn't mean much. From here on out, it is decade birthdays that only mean something. I have already celebrated the 21st birthday (which is the king of birthdays) and the only one left in the 20's is the 25th birthday. And the only reason that is anything is because you can say “Quarter of a century!” But, from here on out, it is decade birthdays. 30 is big, 50 is huge and then 60 and 70. Once you hit 75-80ish, each year is an accomplishment. Not dying becomes worthy of a few extra presents.
So, I celebrated with the folks and my sister. The other sister called in from the East coast and we caught up for about a half hour. She told me that she is going to a Washington Redskins pre-season game this weekend. I am getting concerned. The guy she's dating out there is a Redskins fan. I don't want her to convert just for the relationship. At least he's Catholic, so I don't have to worry about her converting to something else in that arena. But, the number two concern is maintaining the Bears fan base.
Priorities. Always maintain priorities.
Last night we went out to Friday's. Rick, his girlfriend Deb, the other roommates William and Dan with Dan's girlfriend Missy and Tim and Sarah. They have karaoke there. I was set to do at least 3 songs. Got there in the beginning. Put in my stuff early. Got to do one song. The DJ did about 3. He also played regular music in between the singers. Time effectiveness was not one of his strong points, so that will be the last time that I go there.
And that brings us to today. I have a few minutes before the next Bears pre-season game starts up, so I have to get going. I will fill you in on more stuff and the random thoughts that I have over the weekend. Just, don't beg me for loans when I'm a millionaire.


  • At 8:53 PM, Blogger Ashley said…

    21 is the king of all birthdays, huh? I guess I'll see in October! I'm sorry we didn't make it to either of your partys, weekday nights are just tough. Good luck with everything, and I hope you had a happy birthday!!

  • At 3:35 PM, Blogger John Mc. said…

    We will kick some serious ass for your 21st. Be prepared for your first beer! It will taste "icky" at first, but soon will become a good friend of yours. It's all downhill from there.


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