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This is a collection of my thoughts. Some of the thoughts that I once had, I no longer do. Some thoughts I have now I have never had. Yet none shal be discounted. This blog is soley for the enjoyment of the author and the readers. On occasion the views expressed are overly exagerated in order to prove a point. Also there may be a dirty word or thought in some of the posts. Grow up and take this for what it's worth - a blog that barely anyone will ever see.



For those of you who don't know, I am now living in Bolingbrook with my friend Rick and a few other roommates. (I'm sure there will be a few stories about them in the future. But, now it's Rick's turn. Click on his name for a photo.)
So, a few weeks ago on EBay, Rick bought a boat. A nice one at that. 34 feet and he's planning on putting it on "The Chain of Lakes." If you have never been to "The Chain of Lakes," it is a chain of lakes. Everyone following so far?
Well, when you purchase something that big on EBay, you obviously can't send it through the mail. So, you also have to hire a shipper. After weeks of searching for a great price, Rick found a guy in Florida that would move his boat up to Chicagoland. But, here are some of the red flags from the very beginning:

It was this guy's first time ever assisting in a shipping.
The guy bought a new truck for this move.
The guy barely speaks English and communicating what is necessary for the move proved difficult.
He kept pushing back the date that he was going to pick up the boat.
We are not possitive if this guy is insured. He says he is but...

So, all that aside, he picked up the boat yesterday instead of on Wed. Although, with determination, it should be in the water up here by this evening. At least that was the plan until Rick got a phone call this morning - from the Georgia police.
It appears that this guy was arrested just South of Atlanta in Mason County. His truck is not legal to drive, and he doesn't have the proper license to be transporting such large cargo. The police wanted to know if they should impound the boat or leave it on the side of the road. What a great wake up call!
So, Rick opted to have it impounded with hopes that this would be the safer option. The guy spent the night in jail and then walked across the county to get his truck and boat out of the impound. But, he still can't drive either of them. So, no boat tonight, the guy is hiring ANOTHER shipper to take it the rest of the way. All at his expense, of course.
I told Rick that it sounded like he was living in a Seinfeld episode. Based on his luck, I'm assuming that he would be George. And I'm sure, based on the title of this blog, you can figure out who I would be.


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