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Update: Faith & Money

Well, I think it is time that I gave you a more personal update on my current situation. As I have stated, I am living at my friend's place in Bolingbrook. So, no, I'm not homeless just yet. In the past few weeks, I have applied at countless jobs. I have gotten a few call backs from the jobs that I don't want. Stuff like Marketing Agencies that would have me call big corporations like Hilton and stuff to see if they would like to run a newspaper ad.
I don't want to do that. I don't think that I would enjoy that at all. But, another part of me says “beggers can't be choosers.” I still have the Djing work to fall back on for some extra cash to add to my IL checks that are coming in. But, that won't keep me a float for too long.
I'm just glad that I don't have any debt from credit cards or car loans or something else that would really put me under.
But, I'm at a point where I have the opportunity to do something different. Don't think I will be going back into radio for a while. Might be a few months. But, that isn't to say that if a major station in Chicago called me up tomorrow and asked me to start there that I would turn them down!
Here is my plan so far:

Get a job. Preferably something like being a waiter or bartender. Nothing too stressful, but something that will pay my expenses.
Start looking for a radio job more hardcore than ever before. Send out a package to each Chicagoland station about once a week.
Save up a bunch of money to put down on a condo.

Hopefully I can stick to that. Heck, hopefully I will have some sort of a job by the end of next week. Otherwise, I might be in big trouble!
So, things will work out soon. Of that, I'm certain. Gotta have faith, right? Sometimes that is the best ally to have on your side. Faith that I will find work. Faith that I will figure out why I was screwed over in Effingham. Faith that God will provide, as long as I continue to try.
Don't worry about me. I'm still in great spirits (surprises me too!) and optimistic about what is before me. I have a great deal of opportunity right now. I can do pretty much whatever I want. I'm not bound by much of anything. Job wise I can go anywhere in the country, if it's worth it. I could even teach English in Japan if I wanted to. I don't have a wife or kids. I don't have a lease here that I need to be mindful of. I'm free. But, at a price.


  • At 12:19 AM, Blogger Luke Walker said…

    I'm in your corner bro. Keep your head up and keep swinging. Thanks for coming to my party too...later.


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