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Inhumane Treatment

One thing that always saddens me on TV is the unnecessary destruction of cars for ourentertainment gain. It is so inhumane and cruel. Oh, sure it starts with something small like the car door falling off in the Victory Auto Wreckers' commercial. We laugh, he gets $60 for his old car so someone else can fix up their car with used parts (Victory has ten acres of used parts – starters, transmissions, batteries for all types of cars!)

Little do most people know, the guy in the commercial gets injured. When the car door falls off, it hits him in the chest. He injured his ribs and eventually sued Victory Auto Wreckers, allegedly. They continue to run the same commercial for the past 30 years. And we continue to look the other way about the true crime here – the damage of an innocent car.
On Home Improvement, a beautiful 1956 Nomad was driven by the character Jill Taylor. Her accident-prone husband, Tim, took it to a construction site. What happened to this beautiful car is difficult to talk about, but I feel it is my duty to show the true side of this awful tragedy. The script called for Tim to accidentally drop a steel girder on the car. Sure enough, the show dropped one on this remarkable machine. And it wasn't just side to side on the cabin, but instead the full length of the car. Rendering it nearly impossible to be re-built and saved. Another American classic killed in order to achieve a small laugh from the sick fans who would find humor in such tragedy.
I began thinking about other instances of this occurring and thought about the one movie where the second most cars were destroyed (behind only Will Smith's ID4), β€œThe Blues Brothers.” Cop cars piled up taller than the Prudential building, yet, I don't feel as bad about that as the Nomad. This I find interesting. It is almost comical to see John Candy stuck in the back of a semi's trailer. It was then that I wondered if I had a problem.
Was I prejudice against certain types of cars? Do I assign value to one car over another? How could I be that way? I blame society. Namely, Kelly Blue Book. This underground rating of every type of car ever made rates cars based on their use, condition and age. How could we let some arbitrary group tell us the value of the car that we drive?! Can they put a price on what some would say is a direct extension of the self? I say if you are trying to sell your car, put a price on it that you think it is worth without looking at these car racists! Boycott the blue book. Boycott it.
What a sick world we live in.


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