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Video Tour Of My Home

Ok. I have to admit. I am REALLY digging this website. I wanted to see if I could post one of their videos on my blog. I can. This website is great. I just type in a subject, and there is a video on it. I tried getting a video on Effingham, but to no avail. I was hoping for something that really spotlighted the city, but there was nothing. At least nothing of substance. Just some dumb band playing at Ichabods (a bar in Effingham.)
So, I tried my home town up here in Chicagoland. Nothing there, but a train going past our train station. No one finds that interesting. Not even train conductors. So, I broadened my search and found a relatively well done tour of Chicago. The main reason I chose it was because of the great song that went along with it. The only problem was that the tourist that visited our great city video taped the wrong baseball stadium AND left out the most important field - Soilder Field. But, what can you expect from tourists?
The girl in the video is probably the videographer's daughter or something, but I found it to be a good representation of the best major city in all of the world – Chicago.
If you have 4 minutes to kill in order to appreciate the greatness that can be found up against Lake Michigan – click the video.

Then go to and let me know what great stuff you come across! I await your reply soon. In the meantime, I will be watching The Sox beat Min. And flib back to the Cubs loosing to the Cards.


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