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Mancow - The Story & Speculation

I didn't know much about Mancow leaving Q101. I had heard the day of that he was no longer employed there. But, with me being in Effingham, I didn't get the full story. The radio insiders that I have didn't have a great deal of info either. But, I found this video of an interview with Mancow from the week of his release. Take everything that he says with a grain of salt. He is Mancow, by the way.

I am aware of what Q101 has in store for it's morning show come Sept, but I shouldn't say anything. I am also aware that Mancow is renting out WLS studio space to continue his syndication. Whether or not that is true and whether or not he will be back in Chicago on another station, I don't know.
He doesn't really fit anywhere. The Loop? Owned by the same company that has Q101. WCKG? They just got Opie & Anthony and they won't get rid of their pathetic looser of an afternoon drive host - Steve Dahl. (Especially if he's back with Gary as Friday seemed to suggest. With it not being a ratings period, it could be the real deal and not just a stunt.)
You'll note that Mancow bashes radio stations origionating from outside the Chicagoland market. Perhaps this is fore-shadowing where he plans on going. KISS FM is a station out of LA, but it has good ratings and a local morning show (I think...) The new Jack FM on 104.3 isn't doing so well and neither is the new Oldies format on 94.7. Both are stations that are 100% music without a DJ. (Wonder why they are sucking so much?!)
99.9 FM has been a waste of space since day one, but it is still pulling in enough ratings to stay afloat. Especially after it has just obtained the tossed around frequencies of 92.5 & 7 which were once used for Energy and then went Spanish and now "Everything."
XRT is too trendy. The Drive is too busy being more about the music and keeping their DJ's on seditives. The Mix and B96 will never get rid of their established morning shows. I doubt Cow will go to AM. I think we are out of options, aren't we? Unless a Spanish station flips. And I doubt that because Spanish radio is the fastest growing format!
So, where is Cow going? I think very few people know. The question come the end of the month will be "will very few people care?"


  • At 2:45 PM, Blogger Mark said…

    Interesting interview. He definitely has a charismatic personality that draws people to him. He is either overly-confident or conceded, but he does make some great points about the future of radio. Will be interesting to see where his career goes from here.

  • At 1:29 PM, Blogger GeologyJoe said…

    you should get sirius satelite raido. i got it almost 2 years ago and havent listened to regular raido since.


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