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Waiting... For Something Else

I believe that I told you that I am now working for a restaurant. It is one of those national chain restaurants, but that is as far as I'll go with the name. Last thing that I need is to be sued because of a blog.
So, I say that I'm working there, but that isn't quite true just yet. You see, each potential waiter (or waitress - I refuse to use the P.C. term "server.") has to undergo a series of tests. Not endurance or drug tests, mind you, but instead a bunch of tests on the menu and drinks and policies and crap like that.
I can't tell you how aggravating it is. Why do I need to know what garnish comes on our cheesy chicken dish? Is that important info that will make or break my ability to put it in the computer system and then walk it out after the kitchen is done making it? Will a customer ask me what the garnish is while they hold open the menu, point to it's paragraph long description that is sitting next to a picture of the thing? If they do, I might recommend the kids menu. It comes with crayons. Make it pretty for me and I will bring out your spaghetti.
I also need to know what is in every single drink that is served. Or at least the ones that they happen to be pushing this month. I realized from these exercises that I am not a big drinker. If it doesn't end in "and coke," I have no idea what is in these things. Rum, vodka, tequila - I have no clue.
They then tell me about the other elements to the job. These are small little tasks that I need to stay on top of during my time spent waiting on tables. I re-fill the sugar packets or wrap the silverware in napkins or make sure the ketchup is full. I don't even know what else there is, but I do know that I looked at every one of them and said to myself - I'm a college graduate. I really shouldn't be worried about whether or not table 563's ketchup is getting too low.
The more that I'm there, the greater my job search becomes when I'm not there. I run to my computer and check and all the other websites with my resume on it to see if there is something out there that can take me away from this hellish existence that requires a uniform. I have decided that I would rather wear a tie than a uniform. For those of you who know me, you know that is one element of work that I hoped I would never have to do. I was hoping to always be in a casual environment.
But, this job has shown me the light. Sometimes a casual environment is casual because the high school student who is right next to me doesn't own a tie.
So, should you know of anything else ANYTHING else - let me know. SOMETHING that will give me enough money for food, I'm game.


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