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Under The Wire

You thought I forgot, didn't you?
It is 25 minutes to kick-off and I have the picks for this week.
Because I'm pressed for time, you won't get the fancy pictures you got last week. Maybe next week. Or maybe I'll put them in later.

Here we go:

Da Bears over DET (The Bears will have a perfect season this year, if it's up to me)
MIA over BUF
MIN over CAR
CIN over CLE
IN over HOU (By a lot!)
GB over NO (I'm back and forth a lot on this one. It should be an interesting game.)
PHI over NYG
BAL over OAK (after Oakland's performance last week, this is a no-brainer!)
ATL over TB (This is a heated rivalry, so expect a great game here.)
SEA over AZ (This should be interesting with SEA's new pick-up of Branch. Watch both teams go to the air during this game.)
STL over SF
DEN over KC (Plummer wants to prove himself. If he doesn't, a great QB is waiting in the wings to take his job. Watch Plummer's team rally around him to get the win. If Plummer starts to fail like last week, perhaps KC's back up to Green will take them for a narrow win.)
NE over NYJ
SD over TEN
DAL over WASH (This will be a great game to watch. Very aggressive football here!!!)
PIT over JAC (Again, see above!)

There you have it. That is who will win this week in football. However, based on last week, only half of these teams will win!

Enjoy your football this week. And as always, Go Bears!


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