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I mentioned in a previous post that when I wear my official Chicago Bears Coach's Polo, Da Bears win. I have worn it for each win this season and will be wearing it again this weekend. However, I have noticed something new recently.
I have just purchaced a Chicago Bears hat. (I can't believe that I have gone this long without a Bears hat.) It is the same one that the players will be wearing on the sidelines.
I wore it for the first time last Sunday. Apprently, the hat plus the official Chicago Bears Coach's Polo, when combined, give Da Bears super powers.
I will be wearing both this weekend. Expect a few players to have capes.

Here are my NFL picks for this week: (Yes, I know that I have missed a few weeks here and there. I will give you an update on my record after this week's games are played out)

ATL will beat DET
BAL will take CIN (This will be a GREAT game)
WAS will loose to DAL
BUF will beat the snot out of GB
HOU has no chance against the NYG
STL will take KC (Another great game here.)
CHI (obviously due to my wardrobe) will beat MIA
NO over TB
TEN will fall to JAX
SF will have it's second loss in a row (unless they had one before they came to The Windy City) against MIN
SD will take CLE
DEN will win over PIT (Another AWESOME game here.)
NE over IND (This may be wishful thinking to make Da Bears #1, but I'm stickin' with it. Oh, and the best game of the week is right here!)
And finally, SEA over OAK (This one is a no-brainer.)

Those are my picks. Expect them to be all wrong. Well, except for the only important one. (Sorry, MIA.)
Oh, and click on the picture of Da Bears beating up on the 49ers for an AWESOME article about Da Bears vs. The Colts in the Super Bowl. This is what experts are ALREADY saying. The article does a great job breaking down each team so far and even has some accurate projections for the big game. Let me know what you think!


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