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Holiday Season A Little Late

Yesterday marked the best day in NFL history in the past 21 years. The Chicago Bears MORE THAN proved that they were deserving of play in the post-season with their dramatic domination of "America's Team" The New Orleans Saints."
First, "America's Team?" Come on! The only "America's Team" would exist in the Olympics when the rest of the world realizes that our football beats the hell out of theirs. That "America's Team" would consist of the best players from all over the league, but mainly Chicago.
The only reason that they were "America's Team" was because a hurricane hit. If you put all of your stock into a football team instead of your insurance company, you are preparing for a let down at some point. (Especially when their season ends - even if it were at the Superbowl.) What do you plan to do when spring comes? Turn to basketball? Baseball? How about State Farm?
Don't look at us for showing the world that Reggie Bush is talented, yet over-rated. Don't blame us for putting a stop on Drew. And no hard feelings over preventing Deuce to officially "get loose."
In any event, I am now looking toward Miami. (As is the rest of Chicago.) I immediately looked online for tickets to the Superbowl to find out that they are all sold out. Not only are they sold out, they sell out nearly a year in advance. What kind of crap is that?! If I were a Raiders fan and bought Superbowl tickets on a hunch, I'd be pretty pissed right about now.
They should open up a limited number of tickets (5,000 or so) for each of the home cities of the competing teams. Instead, there is no way for Chicago or Indiana residents to go and see their team play unless they spend (AT LEAST) $7,000 for a pair of tickets.
The NFL was stupid with this idea. Absolutely stupid.
And why do we get the year with Prince as the halftime show? Can someone answer me that? When I think of football, I think of torn muscles, broken bones and puffy blouses? No. Prince does not belong. The Stones belong. U2 belongs. The Who belongs. Hell, even some of that new junk that our brain-dead youth listens to like Timberlake is more acceptable than Prince.
My biggest fear right now is not that they will loose, it is instead what am I going to do when it is all said and done? After the victory, I don't know what I'm going to do with myself.
Previous seasons, I had watched every weekend and once the playoffs started and the Bears fizzled, it was a gradual decline into "Who cares." I didn't care if the Seahawks or Steelers won last year. Both are pointless in my eyes. But now, it is building instead of being on a decline. My interest will have me drawn to all three ESPN's and the NFL network for analysis after analysis of the upcoming win. I won't be able to get enough. Then the balloon will be popped.
I don't know what I'm going to do! My Christmas has just become Chanukah and I don't know what I'm going to do at the end of the celebration week.


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