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Nerve Damage Due To Brain Damage

There is a manager at work who I'm not really much of a fan of. Primarily because he isn't one of my biggest supporters. His name will be "Samir" to protect me. I will give you an example of why I'm not a fan.
I had a table of four people who were awaiting their meals. They were ready in the back under the hottest heat lamps this side of the Mississippi. Should a steak remain in that window for more than 3 minutes, it will turn from medium rare to well done. So, this also creates scorching hot plates. What I do is hang everything half way out of the window, so at least one side of the plate is reasonable and you don't create massive nerve damage in your hand.
So, I was in need of assistance bringing out the four meals, because I only carry two at a time. I can carry more, but it is a principal thing after they took away our trays. (Yes, they are punishing us by taking away our trays. See what kind of stupid BS we have to deal with here?!) So, I look around the restaurant and find only one person not doing anything productive - Samir. As usual. So, I ask him if he can help me take out my food.
"You want me to take out your food?"
"No. I wish help with the two dishes I can't carry while I carry the other two."
"Fine." Was his enthusiastic response.
We take out the meals and I set my two down. He sets one of his down and asks if there are supposed to be fries with the ribs he was holding. I let him know that he is correct and look at the guy who ordered the ribs and let him know that they would be right out. Instead of putting the ribs down on the table, he hands them to me.
Mind you, he was holding the half of the plate that was outside of the window. When he hands me the plate, I get the side that is so hot I'm sure that there are internal fusion explosions going on. I know I'm dropping the plate in the next second, so I turn to avoid dropping it on a customer and let it fall on a neighboring table. I pick up the other end and turn around to give it to the guy who ordered it.
"Just to let you know, to give you a heads-up, this side, a little warm. This side, ok."
Samir has walked away at this point. The customer asks me "Isn't he going to apologize for burning the hell out of your hand."
"Um, sure. I'm sure he's going to get around to it soon."
So, I follow him to the back to get the fries and he says nothing to me.
"Did he apologize that time?" The customer asked me.
"Nope, but this is what is expected."
The guy just looked at me with a "I understand" look on his face and began eating. I got a great "pity tip" from that table.
The table right next to them was two ladies who took WAY too much effort to order. These are the indecisive types who take 3 hours to make a drink order and twice as long (6 hours) to place their meal order. Half of the time it is because they are talking too much the other half the time is because they are idiots. These two were a combination of both cases.
They ordered the wrong type of bread with their meal, so I needed Samir to replace the charge on their bill for the first type so I can place the new type on there. He told me he'd get around to it while I got them the correct type of bread.
Then after all the extra work that I put into this table, they left me an awful tip. I couldn't figure out why. Until I looked at the check. The internal code for someone who did not like something is "DNL" for "Did Not Like." In this case the code for the discount for these ladies should have been "WO" for "Wrong Order." Instead Samir wrote out "Ordered Wrong" on the check. I know that I'd be a little upset if I saw this on the check.
So, I brought all this up to his manager with hopes that things would be corrected. I even saved the check to show her. For some reason Samir's personality towards me has changed considerably. Maybe he's just getting into the groove of how to operate appropriately at work. Or maybe he saw the check with my name on it and knows that I'm watching.


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