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Damn Computer.

So, I had some really great stuff to share with you. Incredible. Probably going to be one of my best posts ever on this blog.
Instead, it didn't happen.
Why? My computer went weird.
Not too sure why, but it started asking me for a "boot disk." I haven't touched a 3.5" disk in years. Why would my computer demand it now?!
So, after a few days of changing all the "bios" and "configurations" and "flux capacitors" in order to get everything running, I asked my roommate if he still had his "Windows" disk. I loaded that up and everything kicked in.
Now I have a blank computer... or so I thought. I can still see some stuff in "My Computer" that I had from before, but when I go to "All Programs" under the "Start" menu, I don't see them anymore.
Right now I'm re-downloading Adobe', WinZip and all the other little things that make life easier. I don't know. Something is messed up. But, there is nothing I need to save on my old computer. Maybe I should just format the whole damn thing and start from scratch.

Oh, and those awesome things that I was about to tell you about? Gone. Can't remember them. Might come back to me. Probably won't. Or they will while I'm typing a new post on different topics and won't be able to remember them when I'm done.

Make sense? It shouldn't!

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