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Car Repair

You may recall (Even if you have a poor short-term memory) that I had issues with my car recently. Click here for more info.
Yesterday I spent too much time on the internet writing blogs and checking mail and visiting MySpace and essentially, wasting time. So, I had little time to get my car repaired and get into work. So, I called up my mechanic to see what the situation was like over there. Could they get my car in today and if so, would it take a while. They assured me that they could get it repaired quickly, provided my only issue was the serpentine belt.
So, I head over there on my battery's power. In twenty minutes, the mechanic was handing me back the keys. He let me know that the belt was back on and that they were done.
I asked him what the damage was and he told me none.
"You have to do something nice at least once a week and this week, it's your car." He told me.
That is why I ONLY go to J&C Auto on Ogden in Downers Grove. Not only are they all honest mechanics, but they know their stuff. They also aren't there to make money on you, they are to make a customer out of you.
I tell everyone I know about them. Pass up the chain stores. Ignore the dealerships. Go straight to J&C Auto the next time you have ANY problems. Or even if you are buying a new car, they are happy to give it a once-over to make sure that it is sound before you buy it. They are great.
In today's world of deception while following the almighty dollar, these guys make it the honest way. There is greater value in that than the dollar.

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