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5th Of May Update

I finally did it. For the past few years I have wanted to sign up for Second City classes. I would always miss the deadline and then say that I would sign up next time classes are offered. Well, I finally caught the registration dates today and signed up for Monday night classes.
(If anyone from the area wants to take 'em with me, the classes are already starting to fill up. Sign up now and we can go together!)
Today also marks the last session of my college class. While I'm glad to have the freedom back, I'm going to miss my students. Well, most of them. Pretty much just the ones that are still enrolled in the class. They are the only ones who cared enough to learn and stick it out. I don't know what I'm going to say to them on the last day, but I think that this may be posted about at a later date.
You may have noticed that not much has been posted about Libby. I don't know if I mentioned that she meets with her father, sister and grandmother for dinner every Sunday. This is very important to her and can never be missed. Even for one week.
She was at a birthday party two or three Sundays ago that incorporated all of these people, so she was free to go out for a drink or two and 8pm church that evening. Now she did have to be up at 5am the next day for work, so she tells me that she needs to leave at 9pm. It seems like she needs an incredible amount of sleep to function, but whatever.
I call my folks, the Friday prior, and tell them that I would meet them for dinner next week since I am seeing her. They were fine with it.
On Sunday at about 6pm, I have just opened my car door to leave to meet up with her when I get a text message. (You may recall that she LOVES communication via text message. Why she avoids phone conversation is beyond me. But, whatever.) Her text message lets me know that they just sung "Happy Birthday" and it would be a while for her to finish cake. So, instead of meeting up before church, we would go straight to mass.
A last minute cancellation due to a Jewel sheet cake? I was pissed. I sent her a text message letting her know that I had sacrificed dinner with my folks (Who must be more understanding of missing dinner than others) in order to meet up with her at that time.
She then recommended I go see them as usual. I let her know that it was too late for that. She then sent "Don't make me feel guilty. I didn't tell u to blow ur parents off!" I let her know that there was a difference between "blowing someone off" and "cancelling a previous engagement with ample notice to those involved in the meeting."
I also wanted her to see the similarities in what I have sacrificed when compared to that which she didn't. I think I got to her due to her showing of guilt, but I'm not positive.
We went to church and I told her of my friend's 30th Birthday celebration the next weekend. (He is actually a former classmate of hers from Jr. High. Small world, huh?) She let me know that her sister's birthday was that day and she may be able to go, but maybe not and that she would get back to me.
I thought about everything for a few days and called her. I got her voice mail and let her know that it just didn't seem like she was ready for a relationship. She was vested in finding a new home, finding a new job, finishing up this semester's class, meeting with friends and family and whatever else and didn't have the time to prioritize a new relationship. I also let her know that it seemed that we connected on our first few dates very well, that is until we began focusing more on the differences between us instead of the similarities. It was then that the connection seemed lost.
Essentially I told her everything that I felt and left nothing out. I also let her know that I wished her well and if she ever wanted to actually pursue something meaningful, maybe over the summer we'd talk.
However, something tells me that seeing her this summer is rather unlikely.
I must run. I have proposed a new class to add to the curriculum this upcoming semester and I should find out what notes and thoughts the board has given it today before I have my final class. If it passes, I will get to teach it, which would be awesome.


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